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When is The Average Joe 4x4 Competition?

Our 2020 season opener will be an Open Track Day for anyone wanting to come and look over  “The Proving Grounds”, Play on the AJ4x4 Track, or get Dirty in The Dirty Mud Pit Track

21 September, 2019.  

Competition Dates will have an Alternate date in case of adverse weather canceling a competition.

Opening Track Day September 21, 2019

1st. Competition October 19, 2019 (Alternate November 02, 2019)

2nd. Competition November 16, 2019 (Alternate December 07, 2019

Track Day December 14, 2019  (Alternate December 21, 2019)

3rd. Competition January 18, 2020  (Alternate January 25, 2020

4th. Competition February 22, 2020  (Alternate February 29, 2020)

5th. Competition March 21, 2020  (Alternate March 28, 2020)

Championships April; 25-26, 2020. 9alternate May 2-3, 2020)

What time does Average Joe 4x4 Competition start?

Gates open at 7AM and Competition starts at 10AM.  

Where is The AJ4x4 at?

The Average Joe 4×4 has a new home starting this coming 2020 season, located at 801 West Milligan road, Eloy, AZ 85131


Who can compete?

Anyone who owns a street legal, licensed, registered and insured 4 wheel drive vehicle.

The idea of the Average Joe 4×4 is built around the 4 wheel drive enthusiasts that uses their 4×4 to recreate on the weekend and then uses it generally as a daily driver during the week.

Is this a Jeeps only competition?

No, absolutely not!  The Average Joe 4×4 is designed to test each type of 4×4 vehicle out there, long wheelbase, short wheelbase, pickup, SUV, as well as manufacture of vehicle, Jeep, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Nisan, you name it.

How many vehicles can I enter

Currently The AJ4x4 has no limit on how many vehicles a competitor can enter for each competition.  We have had several competitors enter 2 vehicles in different classes for the same competition.

What is the competitors fee

Competitors entry fees are $20-25-30-35-40.  Once registration is completed for it to be accepted you will have to pay the entry fee accessed thru the store page on AJ4x4 website.

What kind of damage will I get?

Damage to vehicles. As a competitor what kind of damage will I get to my 4×4?

This track will be designed to test your driving skills not to destroy your vehicle! 

For the competitor, you can expect as much (or as little) damage that you would receive when out on a trail ride or run that you would do.

From Stock class which will mimic what is generally expected on an easy trail in the backcountry, up to Pro-Modified will mimic what is on a trail such as Woodpecker Trail or Ajax Mine.

This is a driver skills course, points wins the run! There is a time component involved which is to keep competitors moving and acts as a tie breaker only.

Damage is a direct result of how a driver, maintains, services, and operates their vehicle.

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New Season Begins September 2019!

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