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AJ4x4's 1st competition of this year

Our first competition of the new season will be on 19 October 2019!

New this year, our competition weekends consists of Mud Bogs, AJ4x4 Competition and AJ4x4 open wheeling practice area.

AJ4x4 has 3 exciting NEW Tracks to check out!


  • $5 Mud Bogs (Friday Night)

  • $10 to Compete in Mud Bogs

  • $10 Admission for the AJ4x4 Competition (Saturday)

  • Competitors are $20-$40 to compete in the AJ4x4 Competition (Saturday)

  • $10 Aj4x4 Open wheeling/Practice area (Sunday)

    AJ4x4 will have food concession available throughout the day


2020 season schedule

The Average Joe 4×4 2020 Season Schedule

Competition Dates will have an Alternate date in case of adverse weather canceling a competition.

Opening Track Day September 21, 2019

1st. Competition October 19, 2019 (Alternate November 02, 2019)

2nd. Competition November 16, 2019 (Alternate December 07, 2019

Track Day December 14, 2019  (Alternate December 21, 2019)

3rd. Competition January 18, 2020  (Alternate January 25, 2020

4th. Competition February 22, 2020  (Alternate February 29, 2020)

5th. Competition March 21, 2020  (Alternate March 28, 2020)

Championships April; 25-26, 2020. 9alternate May 2-3, 2020)

Registration now open

Basic Single Registration is a single AJ4x4 competition

Weekend Competition Passes includes the above listed items for each weekend you buy.

Single Pass is for 1 specific weekend.

Multi Pass is for 3 out of the 5 Competition Weekends.

Season Pass is for all weekends.

Basic Single Registration
Single Pass Weekend Competitor
Multi Pass Weekend
Season II Pass
Stock Class
Tires Max 32” - Lift Max 2” - Limited slip allowed front, rear, or both - Lockers, None allowed - No major performance enhancing aftermarket equipment, i.e. engine swap to higher performance engine or gear reduction units (Marlin Crawlers/Atlas)
Super Stock Class
Tires Max 36” - Lift Max 6” - Limited Slip allowed, Either axle or both. - Locker, Max 1 allowed either axle. - Long Arm/3 or 4 link Suspensions with vehicles that are Open-Open or with limited slip differentials. - For those vehicles with one (1) locking differential plus long arm/3 or 4 link suspension, vehicle will be bumped to Stock Mod class.
Stock Modified Class
Tires Max 36” - Lift Max 6” - One (1) locker and Long arm/3 or 4 link suspension - Two (2) Lockers.
Super Modified Class
Tires Max 38” - Lift No Max - Locker, any axle front, rear, or both.
Pro Modified Class
Tires no max. - Lift No Max - Locker, any axle front, rear, or both. - Modified wheelbase, I.e. stretched wheelbase - Custom Frame/Cage/Body -Axles - Vehicles that have upgraded to larger 1-ton axles from their stock axles - *Note vehicles that come stock with larger OEM axle (commonly called 1-ton axles) will be evaluated by tire, lift and lockers to determine classification.


Registration rules.

 All 4×4 vehicles have to be licensed, registered, insured, and legal to drive on all public roads/highways prior to start of competition in order to compete. If your vehicle cannot be legally driven on public roads and streets/highways and you register it to compete, this is not a reason for an entry fee refund.  Only you at time of registration knows whether your vehicle is legal or not please ensure it is prior to registering it. Please contact AJ4x4 with any registration concerns.


AJ4x4 WILL collect picture/videos/sound clips of all competitors, spotters and spectator. AJ4x4 WILL use this media to promote, in such areas as, but not limited to, commercial media, internet, social media.  AJ4x4 reserves all rights to this media.


As a competitor you agree to the rules and conditions of AJ4x4.   As a competitor you also agree to abide by all decisions made by the AJ4x4 officiating staff, to include determination of the safety check and Tech Inspect to include adjusting your vehicle either up or down in classification.

If a dispute arises, AJ4x4 officiating staff will have final say on resolution(s).  As a competitor/Spotter you agree to abide by the final resolution of the AJ4x4 staff.

Safety Inspect.

All Vehicles must pass a safety inspection to compete.

Engine Bay;  Clean and free of excessive grease/oil.   

Interior:  All loose items secured and/or removed.

Drivers seat properly secured,  and if an inside spotter is used, spotter seat on passenger side as well.

Seat Belts MUST be in working condition for driver and if a spotter is used for spotter on passenger side.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Shirt and Shoes (no open toed shoes/flip flops allowed) must be worn by all when on the track.

The above safety items/rules are in place for your protection.  Please ensure vehicle is in good repair, with no excessive fluid leaks, body panels secured, and spare tire carrier secure, or spare removed.  

Tech Inspect.

Vehicles will be Tech Inspected (reviewed) to determine final proper classification placement.

 AJ4x4’s intent is to place each vehicle in a class where it can compete equally.

AJ4x4 will be the final determination as to what class you will compete in if a classification question/issue arises.  Please do not register for a specific Class if you know you actually belong in another class.  Please place your vehicle in the most appropriate class you believe you belong in.  The adjustments in classes are designed for those that fall between two classes, in effect a gray area, please make an appropriate decision for registration and Tech Inspect will make a final determination.

Competitors Entry Fee

Once Entry Fee is paid, and entrant is placed on the competitors list, Entry fee becomes Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.  Entry Fee cannot be transferred to another competitor, or transferred for spectator tickets.

The remaining competitor(s) that did not make it onto the competitors list will have these options regarding their entry fee.

  1. An Immediate refund for only those that did not make the competitors list.
  2. Remain on the list in a wait list status for any competitors spot that comes open in their class.  Those on this wait list will be chosen by the time date stamp of their registration e-mail that AJ4x4 received.  Fee will be retained while on the wait list.  If competitor moves to the competitors list entry fee becomes non-refundable.
  3. Competitor agrees to become an alternate at the competition for their class.  Alternates will be required to come ready to compete incase of a last minute opening.  Entry fee will be retained, if alternate ends up not competing, their entry fee will be refunded minus the current spectators fee.

The following is on the registration form, I have placed it here so you may have the time to read it carefully prior to registration.

The Following is important Information.  PLEASE READ. 

This is a double opt in form.  Once completed it will send a link to the e-mail that you provide, you will then have to opt in to continue, once you opt in it will then send an e-mail to AJ4x4.  The e-mail that AJ4x4 receives will have a time/date stamp which AJ4x4 will use to determine your place in the registration line.

Registration totals.

There will be a total of 15 vehicles in each classification.

Once the class is full with 15 vehicles, you may still register, however AJ4x4 will use the time date stamp of registration to admit the first 15 competitors into that class.

During this registration period, spots may become available, AJ4x4 will determine who is next on the list and automatically place them into the competitors list.  If you are unable to make it on to the competitors list, you will have an option to remain on a wait list incase of openings, or remain on a list as a possible alternate at the event, or have your Entry fee fully refunded immediately. 

If a specific class does not fill up, AJ4x4 MAY utilize those available spots in one or more classification in order to round out the competition to not more than 75 vehicles per competition.

Once registration ends;

Those on the wait list will then be removed and a full refund for their entry fee will be sent.

Those wanting to be an alternate will be determined, AJ4x4 may only need a max of two alternates per class, and AJ4x4 will determine the number of alternates needed.

Alternates will be pulled from the registration process and determined by the time date stamp on registration as well as their request to be an alternate from this form.

If you are chosen as an alternate, please come prepared to compete, everything will apply, drivers meeting, safety, tech, etc…  

If you are called to compete your entry fee becomes non-refundable at that point.

If you end up not competing, your entry fee will be refunded minus a spectators fee.


Each event will have 5 classification of competitors and fifteen 4×4’s for each class. 

The competition will be an elimination style competition.  Fifteen 4×4’s will compete in Round 1 with one run each.  Those 5 competitors with the highest 5 scores will advance to Round 2

Round 2 each competitor will run again, those 3 top scoring competitors will be placed as 1st., 2nd., and 3rd., place finishers.


The AJ4x4 ia a seasonal motorsports event, culminating in a championship at the end of each season. Each season generally consists of 6 events. During the course of the season each competitor will accumulate points from each event.

Fan Base

NASCAR drivers, extreme offrad drivers, why should they get all the attention? Now is your chance to get out there show your driving ability and build your fan base. Each driver competing will earn driver points, have your friends, family and fans follow you in the points race.


Classifications will be Stock, Super Stock, Stock Modified, Super Modified, and Pro Modified. Each Class will consist of up to fifteen 4×4’s. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. place awarded in each class.

Camping on site is available

Camp spots are for Competitors and Spectators only. Please all campers have to be a registered competitors and/or ticketed spectators for each day they camp.  

Camping spots are for 1 RV only and/or tent, and can fit 1 RV, tent, 1 tow vehicle, and 1 competition vehicle.  If you expect to have additional vehicles please purchase the $10 additional vehicle pass please.

For those that will trailer their competition rig, there will be a designated trailer drop area.

Camping spots are unimproved with no water or electrical available.  Porta-Potties will be available in the camp area.


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