Please ensure vehicle is eligible to compete!

Entry Fee’s will not be refunded if vehicle is incorrectly entered and is ineligible to compete.

Classification Rules:

ALL Competing 4×4 Vehicles, MUST have a current, license, registration, carry current insurance, and be street legal to drive on all state Highways/Freeways, surface streets, and roads to be eligible to compet.

 AJ4x4 has expanded this requirement to include those 4 wheel drive vehicles that are registered and insured as an OHV.  

Stock class.

Tires Max 32”. Lift Max 2”. Limited slip – allowed – front, rear, or both. Lockers -None allowed

No major performance enhancing aftermarket equipment, i.e. engine swap to higher performance engine, gear reduction units (Marlin Crawlers/Atlas)

super Stock class.

Tires Max 36”. Lift Max 6”. Limited Slip allowed.  Either axle or both.

Locker – Max 1 allowed –  either axle.  Long Arm/3 or 4 link Suspensions with vehicles that are Open-Open or with limited slip differentials.

For those vehicles with one (1) locking differential plus long arm/3 or 4 link suspension, vehicle will be bumped to Stock Mod class.

Stock Modified class.

Tires Max 36”. Lift Max 6”

One (1) locker and Long arm/3 or 4 link suspension.  Two (2) Lockers

super modified class.

Tires Max 38”. Lift No Max. Locker – any axle front, rear, or both.

pro modified class.

Tires no max.  Lift No Max

Locker – any axle front, rear, or both.  Modified wheelbase, I.e. stretched wheelbase Custom Frame/Cage/Body

Axles – Upgraded to larger 1-ton axles from their stock axles.

*Note vehicles that come stock with larger OEM axle (commonly called 1-ton axles) will be evaluated by tire, lift and lockers to determine classification.  

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