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Check out what Rick Pewe had to say in the June 2006 issue of 4 Wheel & Off-Road magazine about the 2006 Average Joe 4×4 Challenge.

The idea behind aj4x4

The AJ4x4 is a exciting new grassroots idea in arena motorsports.  We understand the competitive spirit in all of us and that is why we developed this new seasonal motorsport centered around the “Average Joe 4 Wheeler”, the person who uses his 4×4 for both recreation and as a daily driver.  More importantly with this new motorsport the “Average Joe 4 Wheeler” now has an opportunity in which to compete using their daily driver 4×4.

The Proving Grounds

AJ4x4 has developed  a specially designed track which we call “The Proving Grounds”.  The Proving Grounds is designed in such a way that it will challenge the drivers, and test their 4×4’s in each of the 4 classes.  Stock classes will enjoy a hard course, but won’t be overwhelmed by impossible obstacles.  The Super Modified class won’t be underchallenged either, they will have a tough course that won’t prove easy for their more modified 4×4’s.

What do I need to compete?

To be a competitor you will need to have a Licensed, insured, and registered street legal 4×4 with operating seat belts and in safe working order.  Each 4×4 will be placed in one of 5 classifications, Stock, Super Stock, Stock Modified, Super Modified, and Pro Modified.   Placement will be determined on how much the 4×4 has been modified, lift, tires, lockers, and gearing to name a few items.


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